The triangle of the European Surf sail is a triangle that has its vertices in – Torbole Malcesine to Limone – Gargnano is considered a paradise by fans , who consider this area as a European capital of sport.


The Garda has a long and established tradition . Over the past 50 years, yacht clubs have been able to create the best skippers of the Olympic classes . The winds vary depending on the area , light winds in the lower , cooler winds in the area north of Gargnano to Malcesine and Torbole .

Mountain Biking

A true paradise of roads, dirt roads , trails , mule tracks that climb the beautiful mountains or lost in the countryside among vineyards and chestnut trees.


The mild and temperate climate of Lake Garda allows you to play golf throughout the year ; Many championships are held here during the winter. Playing golf in the extraordinary natural scenery of Lake Garda is an experience not to be missed ; cypresses , vineyards , olive groves and woods of oak trees mingle harmoniously with the ‘ blue of the lake , outlining the typical landscape of Lake Garda which has always been so dear to artists and poets foreigners who have been here . Numerous prestigious greens with present simple or challenging routes and a lot of fans to play in a unique environment , full of motivation to enrich the church holiday of course he did, a moment of relaxation , a sport, a passion . By choosing a hotel located properly , you can play every day in a maximum radius of 20 km, discovering beauty to remember for a lifetime


Lake Garda and its surroundings are the perfect training ground for those who like active holidays , sports activities and want to live in a relaxing or competitive commitment . Even its immediate hinterland is ideal vacation spot that provides you with a rich variety of environments and modern equipment, to those who prefer the court.


The simplest , most efficient , the most pleasant, the most relaxing way to escape , recharge and enjoy the Life : Walking ! Walking action is well- known and innate in man, as indeed, in all the land animals. Unfortunately, however , often , by necessity of time and the daily grind , is no longer a movement sought or desired. The alternative , outside the hustle and bustle, there is , within a few hours or a few days :

– Easy trails through forests of pine or beech ,
– A panoramic hike to a lake or in the mountains close to home or hotel;
– A challenging climb to a famous peak ;
– A journey of several days between pristine valleys or deserts unexplored .

1 hours , 1 day, 1 week , depending on our ability to time and training, walking in nature is the most simple and effective method to relax the body and mind

Sport fishing

The valuable fish species present in the lake in the bright streams of inland valleys attract many sports fishermen. The water quality and the landscape context in which you insert the lake and its streams give added value to a sport ancient and elegant as that of fishing . Among the species of greatest interest is that of the carp, which inhabits only the waters of Lake Garda.


The Canyoning is a sport of great interest that capture a growing number of practitioners. Walking, diving , swimming and abseiling inside the spectacular ” canyons ” of the Parco Alto Garda – Lemon Riviera and Castelli is truly an experience of immersion in nature . The geological history of the Garda territory , has created a great fascination with the accompaniment of mountain guides can be discovered and experienced by every hiker . The streams equipped apartments are located in the municipalities of Toscolano, Tignale and Tremosine .


On board the canoe , kayak or bisse each rower you can have fun in front of spectacular scenery . Taking also from the immediate hinterland on Lake Garda you can reach the dam Valvestino whose surface offers lovers of the canoe , with its fjords surrounded by woodland landscapes of great natural interest.


In addition to the many treasures held in the blue of its waters , Lake Garda offers a wide choice of dive sites and a large class of well-equipped facilities capable of guiding the beginner, as the most experienced through emotions that only the depths of the Garda offers.